Journal Publications

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Materials and Structural Integrity
May 2022 Dingkun Pi, Anna Ermakova, Ali Mehmanparast Numerical Analysis of Surface Rolling Effects on Fatigue Life Enhancement of Wire Arc Additively Manufactured Parts World Scientific, Journal of Multiscale Modelling, May 2022.
October 2021 Anna Ermakova, Supriyo Ganguly, Javad Razavi, Filippo Berto and Ali Mehmanparast Experimental investigation of the fatigue crack growth behavior in wire arc additively manufactured ER100S-1 steel specimens Wiley Online Library, Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials Structures, October 2021.
September 2021 Kingsley Sunday, Feargal Brennan A review of offshore wind monopiles structural design achievements and challenges Science Direct, Ocean Engineering, Volume 235, September 2021, 109409.
August 2021 J Taylor, A Mehmanparast, R Kulka, P Moore, G Hossein Farrahi Compact crack arrest testing and analysis of EH47 shipbuilding steel Science Direct, Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, Volume 114, August 2021, 103004.
July 2021 Satya Anandavijayan, Ali Mehmanparast, Feargal Brennan, Amir Chahardehi Material pre-straining effects on fracture toughness variation in offshore wind turbine foundations Science Direct, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Volume 252, July 2021, 107844.
May 2021 Anna Ermakova, Ali Mehmanparast, Supriyo Ganguly, Javad Razavi, and Filippo Berto Fatigue crack growth behaviour of wire and arc additively manufactured ER70S-6 low carbon steel components International Journal of Fracture, 2021.
April 2021 M Leimeister, A Kolios Reliability-based design optimization of a spar-type floating offshore wind turbine support structure Science Direct, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 2021, 107666.
March 2021 Benjamin Pakenham, Anna Ermakova and Ali Mehmanparast A Review of Life Extension Strategies for Offshore Wind Farms Using Techno-Economic Assessments Energies 2021, 14, 1936.
March 2021 Innes Murdo Black, Mark Richmond, and Athanasios Kolios Condition monitoring systems: a systematic literature review on machine-learning methods improving offshore-wind turbine operational management International Journal of Sustainable Energy, DOI: 10.1080/14786451.2021.1890736
March 2021 Wai Jun Lai, Supriyo Ganguly, and Wojciech Suder Study of the effect of inter-pass temperature on weld overlap start-stop defects and mitigation by application of laser defocusing The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (2021).
December 2020 Taylor J., Mehmanparast, A., Kulka, R., Moore, P., Xu, L., Hossein Farrahi, G. Experimental study of the relationship between fracture initiation toughness and brittle crack arrest toughness predicted from small-scale testing Science Direct, Volume 110, 102799.
October 2020 Ermakova. A, Mehmanparast .A, Ganguly .S Investigation of mechanical and fracture properties of wire and arc additively manufactured low carbon steel components Science Direct, Volume 109, 102685.
October 2020 Wai Jun Lai, Supriyo Ganguly, and Wojciech Suder Study on effect of laser keyhole weld termination regimes and material composition on weld overlap start-stop defects Science Direct, Volume 58, Pages 416 – 428.
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January 2020 Dirisu, P., Supriyo, G., Martina, F., Xu, X. and Williams, S. Wire plus arc additive manufactured functional steel surfaces enhanced by rolling International Journal of Fatigue, 130, p.105237.
November 2019 Jacob, A., Mehmanparast, A., D’Urzo, R. and Kelleher, J. Experimental and numerical investigation of residual stress effects on fatigue crack growth behaviour of S355 steel weldments International Journal of Fatigue, 128, p.105196.
September 2019 Dirisu, P., Ganguly, S., Mehmanparast, A., Martina, F. and Williams, S. Analysis of fracture toughness properties of wire+ arc additive manufactured high strength low alloy structural steel components Materials Science and Engineering: A, 765, p.138285.
April 2019 V Igwemezie, P Dirusu, A Mehmanparast Critical assessment of the fatigue crack growth rate sensitivity to material microstructure in ferrite-pearlite steels in air and marine environment Science Direct, Volume 754, 29 April 2019, Pages 750-765.
March 2019 Igwemezie, V., Mehmanparast, A. and Kolios, A. Current trend in offshore wind energy sector and material requirements for fatigue resistance improvement in large wind turbine support structures–A review Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 101, pp.181-196.
February 2019 Xu, X., Ganguly, S., Ding, J., Dirisu, P., Martina, F., Liu, X. and Williams, S.W. Improving mechanical properties of wire plus arc additively manufactured maraging steel through plastic deformation enhanced aging response Materials Science and Engineering: A, 747, pp.111-118.
September 2018 Igwemezie, V., Mehmanparast, A. and Kolios, A. Materials selection for XL wind turbine support structures: A corrosion-fatigue perspective Marine Structures, 61, pp.381-397.
August 2018 Jacob, A., Oliveira, J., Mehmanparast, A., Hosseinzadeh, F., Kelleher, J. and Berto, F. Residual Stress Measurements in Offshore Wind Monopile Weldments using Neutron Diffraction Technique and Contour Method Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 96, pp.418-427.
May 2018 Mehmanparast, A., Taylor, J., Brennan, F. and Tavares, I. Experimental investigation of mechanical and fracture properties of offshore wind monopile weldments: SLIC interlaboratory test results Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 41(12), pp.2485-2501.
July 2016 A Jacob, A Mehmanparast Sensitivity Analysis of Material Microstructure Effects on Predicted Crack Paths Using Finite Element Simulations Journal of Multiscale Modelling, 7(02), p.1650003.
Offshore Wind Technologies Development and Optimization
March 2022 D. Cevasco, J. Tautz-Weinert, M. Richmond, A. Sobey, A. Kolios A Damage Detection and Location Scheme for Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket Structures Based on Global Modal Properties ASME J. Risk Uncertainty Part B. Jun 2022, 8(2): 021103 (12 pages)
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November 2020 Mark Richmond, Ursula Smolka and Athanasios Kolios Feasibility for Damage Identification in Offshore Wind Jacket Structures through Monitoring of Global Structural Dynamics Energies, 13(21), 5791.
August 2020 M.Richmond, A.Sobey, R.Pandit, A.Kolios Stochastic assessment of aerodynamics within offshore wind farms based on machine-learning Renewable Energy, 161, p. 650
June 2020 M. Leimeister, A. Kolios, M. Collu A fully integrated optimization framework for designing a complex geometry offshore wind turbine spar-type floating support structure EAWE, European Academy of Wind Energy
June 2020 Colla, M., Ioannou, A. and Falcone, G. Critical review of competitiveness indicators for energy projects Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 125, p.109794.
April 2020 M. Leimeister, A. Kolios, M. Collu, and P. Thomas Design Optimization of the OC3 Phase IV Floating Spar-Buoy, Based on Global Limit States Ocean Engineering, 202 (2020): 107186.
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Geotechnical Engineering
January 2020 Whyte SA, Burd HJ, Martin CM and Rattley MJ. Formulation and implementation of a practical multi-surface soil plasticity model Computers and Geotechnics. 2020 Jan 1;117:103092.
August 2019 Richards, I.A., Byrne, B.W. and Houlsby, G.T. Monopile rotation under complex cyclic lateral loading in sand Géotechnique, pp.1-15.