Structural Design and Integrity

Offshore & Marine Renewable Energy structures differ significantly from ships and oil & gas installations in a number of ways. A large proportion of structural loading is due to the machine and therefore not necessarily dominated by wind, current and wave action directly to the structure. This means that functional design requirements have distinctly different installation, operation and survival characteristics. Offshore Wind turbines in particular have different requirements depending on turbine size and water depth: shallower and smaller turbine conditions tending to favour monopiles, tripods & jackets whereas larger deeper turbines will ultimately need floating support structures.

Typical research topics for students specialising in Structural Design & Integrity are:

  • Whole-System Structural Design
  • Fixed Steel Support Structures
  • Floating Solutions
  • Stochastic Loading & Structural Dynamic Response
  • Damage Modelling & Prediction
  • Corrosion Fatigue
  • Corrosion, Erosion & Fouling Protection and Mitigation
  • Inspection, Monitoring and Reliability-Based Inspection & Maintenance

Research in Structural Design and Integrity will be led by Cranfield University. Please contact Dr Ali Mehmanparast for further details.